What’s Your Fighting Style?

It’s no secret, we all fight. But we don’t all fight fair.

This week I linked up with YourCenterPeace to talk fighting styles. We cover Gottman’s “4 Horsemen” : the four main fighting styles that most predict divorce. Disclaimer: We’re all guilty of them at times. It just means we have some work to do.

YourCenterPeace is a nonprofit focused on couples mentoring with the goal of strengthening relationships and families. My husband and I went through the program for our premarital counseling & I can’t say enough good things about them 🙌🏻. They provide real, honest mentors who have been through some STUFF and are willing to speak candidly with you about it and share their wisdom.

In the video we get into our personal fighting styles, struggles they’ve created for us personally, and antidotes to prevent each style from adding unnecessary drama to your relationship.

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