Holiday Survival Guide: Setting Boundaries with Family

The holidays start this week! For some people this is an exciting time of year, for others it can be a stressful one. The holidays are a perfect time to name your limits, because it is often a time when demands are coming from all directions. By setting boundaries, you’re able to focus on the real meaning of the holidays: gratitude, spiritual traditions, and family togetherness.

I teamed up with Brooke Powers, founder of Your CenterPeace, to offer a live webinar on how to help your family interactions go smoothly this holiday season. Comfy in our pajamas with wine in hand, we touched on some potentially uncomfortable topics including:

  • Setting boundaries with family.

  • Maintaining intimacy over the holidays.

  • Managing expectations.

  • Walls vs. boundaries.

  • How to be kind AND assertive.

Mary SomichComment