The Introvert Hangover

The “introvert hangover” is real. Introverts can enjoy engaging with others, and simultaneously feel completely drained as a result. They simply have a more limited ration of energy to contribute toward socializing as opposed to extroverts. Social overstimulation can become entirely overwhelming for an introvert. Thankfully, introvert hangovers are relatively easy to cure.

o   LEAVE- as long as it is socially acceptable at the time, and sometimes even when it’s not, if you feel that sense of introvert-claustrophobia, simply exit the social situation and find a place to be with yourself.

o   Breathe- Breathing helps regulate the nervous system and inhibits stress-producing hormones. Breathing deeply for 5-10 minutes can significantly help introverts recharge.

o   Say No-  If you are experiencing an introvert hangover, it is important not to continue running on empty. While social obligations may continue to pile high, saying no and setting limits can be a healthy and ultimately more productive choice.

o   Practice Awareness- If you know that you are an introvert and may become overwhelmed in certain social situations, simply be aware and mindful of that tendency going into it so that you can monitor yourself and your limits and gracefully exit if need be.

o   Cut Yourself Some Slack: Just because you’re an introvert or experience an introvert hangover does not mean that you are not fun or normal or that you’re terrible at socializing. In fact, research has shown that introverts actually benefit from more valuable one-on-one conversations than extroverts do. They also tend to be better listeners and judges of social situations.