As a licensed and experienced therapist, I’ve found that it is essential to foster an environment that feels supportive, comfortable, and collaborative. I utilize both evidence-based practices and creative therapeutic approaches, with an understanding that counseling is not “one-size fits all.” Together we will explore your experiences, behaviors, and beliefs. With the benefit of fresh insight, you will be able to identify patterns that are holding you back from health and happiness while gaining the strength and strategies to overcome them. With insight comes knowledge, and the ultimate power to heal and transform.

There is nothing better to me than sitting across from a client who has just had a major “aha!” moment of insight that is about to change the way they look at everything. Those breakthroughs are what energize and inspire my work.

Our sessions might make you feel things or see things in a way you never did before. If you are down for that, so am I!

Common issues addressed in individual therapy include:

Life transitions, relationships, identity, anxiety/depression, boundary-setting, perfectionism, self-esteem, life-balance, trauma, and communication. 


My counseling passion lies in family dynamics. Everyone in the family is responsible in some way for the dynamic that exists. Even when we work individually, I am paying close attention to your upbringing, relationships and related experiences. Family therapy is a great tool for rebuilding communication and positive family dynamics. My style of family therapy involves building respect and boundaries in the home environment by examining relationships and communication patterns. Some of the most profound work I have done with clients has been family-centered and dynamic. 

Common issues addressed in family therapy include: 

Communication, power struggles, parenting, divorce, infidelity, trauma, life transitions, conflict management, emotional reactivity, estrangement, anger, and boundary-setting. 


Sometimes parents and children have a particularly hard time seeing eye to eye and interacting with one another. Having a strong background in child development, I enjoy meeting with parents to discuss strategies and resources that can be used to improve the relationship and tackle problem behavior. With older children, Parent-Child Relational Therapy might be most appropriate, where the child is incorporated into the session. During this form of therapy, I act as a “coach” and help guide communication. Sometimes it takes neutral ground and a trusted facilitator to have healing and meaningful interactions again.


For those who find it preferable to stay at home for reasons of comfort, convenience, or other restrictions, I offer teletherapy sessions. These are live video therapy sessions offered to anyone in the state of North Carolina. I use a secure HIPAA platform (VSee) to conduct these sessions. The app can easily be downloaded on your phone or computer.