Session Cost:

$125 / 50 minute session. 


Q: Do you accept insurance? 

A: Out of respect for client confidentiality, and a few other reasons that you can read about here , I choose not to accept insurance in my practice. However, I do accept self-payment, HSA, and FSA cards. I can also provide a “super-bill” statement for you to submit to your insurance company to seek potential out-of-network provider reimbursement. 


Q: Are there any specific issues that you do not treat? 

A: Absolutely. I certainly do not consider myself (and cannot be) an expert in every area of concern. I consider it my professional responsibility to refer clients out for specific needs that should be treated by colleagues of mine with special training in those areas. This includes severe eating disorders, addiction, and couples counseling (aside from partner or family support sessions). 


Q: What’s your opinion on medication? 

A: Ultimately, medication is a personal decision. My training at Columbia University was based in a wellness perspective, so in general, I am not a pusher of medication unless entirely necessary. If you are experiencing significant impairment in your life and having trouble making progress in therapy without it, I will recommend a psychiatry referral. I view medication as a supportive agent to doing good work in therapy together. If your symptoms are severe enough to prevent progress in therapy, medication can be a very helpful supplement in order to reach your goals. I honor and respect each individual client’s choice. If you would like a medication referral, I can recommend psychiatrists that I know and trust. 


Q: How long will therapy take?

A: This really depends on your needs. Every client’s circumstances are different. Some clients come in looking for solution-based therapy taking only a few sessions, and others come in seeking a long-term supportive relationship. We will discuss the frequency of visits that best fits your needs. In general, I recommend beginning with regular visits to build momentum and then evaluating progress and adjusting as we go. 



A: Yes! I reserve several slots in my schedule for teletherapy clients because I value client accessibility and convenience. Virtual video counseling sessions are conducted with VSee, an app similar to FaceTime, that is easily downloadable to your phone, tablet, or computer. VSee is a HIPAA-compliant platform developed specifically for the purpose of connecting clients and providers.