Therapy is going through some changes!

You may have seen the term “modern mental health” thrown around and wondered what makes it different.

Here are a few examples of how I run my modern private practice:


✖️ Have an office that is stuffy and blah-feeling.

✖️ Sit & stare at you in silence.

✖️ Ask you “how do you feel about that?” over & over.


✔️ Stay relevant.

✔️ Operate as an ally rather than authority.

✔️ Sit in the room WITH you.

✔️ Call you a client as opposed to a patient.

✔️ Market through social media…because that’s where my clients hang out.

✔️ Offer teletherapy & most of my forms online.

✔️ Tailor my approach to the client’s individual needs instead of using blanket approaches.

✔️ Welcome real language in session (sometimes that includes cursing). I want you to show up as yourself.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: The modern mental health approach seeks to destigmatize therapy by focusing on prevention. Therapy is becoming more open and more accessible. People are realizing that there are things they need to talk about, no shame. Modern mental health is the idea that therapy is for everyone. It’s something you should utilize regularly BEFORE things become too overwhelming. If everyone started to operate from this perspective, how could mental health stigma live on?

I am SO proud of my clients who come in already viewing therapy this way, as well as the clients who come to recognize through our work together that regular emotional release is just as important as regular physical release. The gym doesn’t carry negative stigma, so why should therapy?