Family Therapy 


The heart of my clinical training is in family therapy. This means that even if I am working with you in individual counseling, I am paying close attention to the most important relationships and environment around you. Families can be our safe haven, but sometimes these relationships can also be the most painful. 

Family therapy is a great tool for rebuilding communication and positive family dynamics. My style of family therapy involves building respect and boundaries in the home environment by examining relationships and communication patterns. Occasional "homework" or in-session handouts are given in order to stimulate emotionally sensitive topics. 

Common issues addressed in family therapy include: communication issues, power struggles, parenting issues, life transitions, issues with in-laws, conflict management, family planning, emotional reactivity, estrangement, and anger. 

A more specific and goal-oriented component of Family Therapy, is Parent-Child Relational Therapy. This style of therapy is best used for a Parent and Child who are having a particularly difficult time seeing eye to eye and interacting with one another. This may be due to a traumatic event, separation, or other significant occurrence. Parent-Child Relational Therapy is facilitated only in a dyad (two individuals at every session) with the therapist acting as the “coach” and bridge of communication when needed. This approach is proven to build stronger relationships between parents and children who have lost their way.