Adolescent Therapy


The world of teens is very different both cognitively and emotionally than the world of children or adults. Communication becomes more challenging as teens develop their own point of view and begin to explore their identity. I provide an opportunity to help teens identify and understand their needs and behaviors. I also allow a structure to explore healthy and positive choices. Through insight-oriented psychotherapy, teens will have a better understanding of who they are and will improve self-esteem at an age where identity and self-worth are constantly being tested. 

My approach in working with teens is simple: the relationship is everything. I have had success treating even the most resistant teens with my engaging and easy-going therapy style. 

If your teenager is having cold feet about working with a therapist, I would encourage you to share my social media pages and blogs with them so that they can have a better understanding of my style. Instagram: @YourJourneyThrough, Twitter: @Mbsomich (links at the bottom of this page). 

Common issues that may be addressed in adolescent psychotherapy include: independence, self-esteem, body image, friendships, dating, sex and sexuality, making healthier choices, peer pressure, academic expectations, social media, drugs and alcohol, self-defeating behaviors, managing anger and frustration, coping with anxiety and depression, and developing a sense of self.